Posted on by caredwellavsi Caring for Your Loved Ones as They Age

The aging process is inevitable and is something that should be cherished. It is an honor to grow old and it is important that elders are treated with respect and care. As people age, they tend to spend less and less time with their family. Between conflicting schedules, children moving away, and the loss of other friends, it is easy for elders to feel alone. Although you may want to visit your parents or grandparents more often, you may not have the time to spend as much as you would like.

Elderly isolation is a huge risk for seniors and can lead to an increase in falls, dementia, hospitalization, and depression. According to a study conducted in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, loneliness and social isolation are associated with a higher risk of mortality in adults 52 and older.

To ensure that your loved one has the companionship that they deserve, consider hiring a professional. Companion Care is an important aspect of elder care because it allows them to experience fun activities with someone to share it with. Services like meal preparation, light housework, running errands and participating in arts and crafts is a great way to keep them occupied. As we age it becomes harder to do simple activities that we are used to doing independently. It is important to remain compassionate and understanding when dealing with seniors.

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