How to Know When Your Loved One Should Stop Driving

How to Know When Your Loved One Should Stop Driving

The ability to drive provides a sense of freedom and security. As we age it can become more difficult to quickly react to changes on the road. Different factors like loss of hearing, fading eyesight, and other medical conditions can impact the quality of driving. These risk factors increase as we age, and eventually there … Continue reading

Signs That Your Loved One Needs Caregiving

As we age, simple tasks can become much more challenging. Things we used to do with ease, require more effort and can sometimes become too much to handle. When this happens, it is important to get help. If you or your loved one has experienced challenges with everyday activities, it may be time to seek … Continue reading

Summer Safety for Seniors

  It’s summertime and this is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sun, but it is important to make safety a priority especially as the temperatures increase.   The American Geriatric Society’s Foundation for Health in Aging (FHIA) reports that most of the 200 American fatalities occur during the summer months, many of whom … Continue reading

Caring for Your Loved Ones as They Age

Caring for Your Loved Ones as They Age

The aging process is inevitable and is something that should be cherished. It is an honor to grow old and it is important that elders are treated with respect and care. As people age, they tend to spend less and less time with their family. Between conflicting schedules, children moving away, and the loss of … Continue reading

How to Protect a loved ones from Fraud

When it comes to scoping potential victims, experts say con artists tend to look for individuals who are home during the day to answer fraudulent telemarketing calls, retired people who are hoping for one more shot to increase their nest egg, and those who will be too proud to admit they were “had” and report … Continue reading

5 potential signs of trouble that your loved one needs additional care

There is a chance you won’t notice anything new or out of the ordinary during your next visit to see your parents. However, it’s possible that you’ll spot worrisome clues of trouble or see crises unfolding before you eyes. Take the time during your visit to be a bit of a double agent, sniffing out … Continue reading