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Summer Safety for SeniorsAs we age, simple tasks can become much more challenging. Things we used to do with ease, require more effort and can sometimes become too much to handle. When this happens, it is important to get help. If you or your loved one has experienced challenges with everyday activities, it may be time to seek the support of a caregiver.

If you are unsure if a caregiver is needed, here are some tell-tale signs to look for:

Poor Diet/ Significant Weight Change- If your loved one’s diet has changed and you notice they are not eating enough or overeating it may be time to look at other care options.

Isolation– Becoming disconnected from friends and family may mean that your loved one is struggling with loneliness. There are many reasons why they may isolate themselves, but lack of mobility is a significant reason. As we age it can be harder to get around, and many people don’t want to feel like a burden to their family by relying on them for support.

Forgetfulness- If you notice bills piling up, and missed doctor’s appointments, this is a clear sign that your loved one may need extra help. It can be difficult to manage everyday activities like paying your bills, keeping track of appointments, and taking medications. A certified care companion can ensure that these tasks are completed by providing assistance.

Caredwell Home Care Services is committed to excellent care provided by trained and certified professionals. Our goal is to maintain and improve the health of our patients by promoting happiness and independence. In addition to companion care, we also offer respite care, dementia care, nursing services, child care and more! If you are looking for trustworthy and compassionate people to care for your loved one, hire Caredwell Home Care Services.